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Monitor the status of all your system's parts with Hot CPU Tester Pro
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Many times, the damages suffered by our systems are caused by problems that could have been prevented, such as hardware errors or malfunctions. This program allows us to monitor our CPU and related hardware so we can detect any damage in a timely manner.

It has a simple and user-friendly interface that allows us to perform several functions. First, with the Diagnostic option, the program executes a comprehensive "stress test"; that is, it makes the different parts of the system run under extreme conditions. If any of the parts can't pass this test, it can be considered as the weakest link, thus allowing us to repair or change that part. The program also lets us to establish a benchmark against which all the data will be compared. Thus, any data falling under or above that benchmark will be considered as a warning signal. The program also allows us to obtain information about our system, such as our motherboard's brand and characteristics, our processor's speed and cache, and the physical memory available. We can contact the manufacturer's support area directly through the program's interface.

The trial version has limited functions and only works for 14 days. Also, it shows a "nag screen" at startup. If you want to get rid of these disadvantages, you must purchase a license.

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